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Month: August 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-26

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Utter Bullcrap, Why Bother recording it?

Didn’t we have enough Norah Jones when Norah Jones was doing it?  This is the most vanilla boring song that has ever lurched from my speakers during a commercial.  Moby might be able to get away with it, but Jewel learned to her chagrin that while Jingles are memorable, if your song is one, you suck.

Awww A Puma with a Pen

[info]okpulot_taha wrote:

Mary Dejevsky titles her article, “A mean streak in the US mainstream” and subtitles with “The US tolerates more inequality, deprivation and suffering than is acceptable here”.

No, we Americans are significantly more hardy and determined than our British counterparts. Our expectation is our peoples will stand on their own two feet and make their own way through life.

Right about here she lost me.  If there was ever a nation that proudly stood up after being held aloft by someone else and said “see how I did this myself” it’s America.  The worlds first almost entirely immigrant culture, created through domination and civil war, American Culture is anything but “doing it for yourself”.  There is hardly a single business in America that can be said to be both massively successful and individually driven.  Corporations are the ultimate expresion of profit-driven collectivism and are the anti-thesis of individual accomplishment.  This is what America is known for, but they will shoot you down for suggesting otherwise, which is the OTHER thing America is well known for.
Your British culture is born of aristocracy, born of two distinct classes; the ruling class and the impoverished ruled. I am writing of your cultural beginnings not so much of culture today.
Because there is no Aristocracy in the USA?  Sure.  The Hiltons, the Waltons and the Buffets might embody otherwise.
Our American culture is born of hard work, sacrifice and challenging struggles. Our beginnings are of independence, freedom and personal survival. Like your British culture, much has changed with our culture over the centuries.
Some people will work their asses off their entire lives and never be able to afford decent health care.  The End.
Your British peoples inherited a cultural thinking of being submissive to authority. Our American culture inherited a cultural thinking of being the authority. You are the subjects and not just in royal deemed name only. We are the rebels in charge of our lives. You British allow your royal family and your Anglican church to decide for you what is appropriate and what is not. We Americans, on an individual basis, decide what is appropriate and what is not; we value freedom much more than you British.
Considering you’ve never been to England, I’ll assume that you have no familiarity with Soccer hooligans, binge drining, Asbos and so on, so you may be forgiven for this, but only by Jesus.
You write of national health care. Here in America there are two major factors at play. One is Americans do not want our decision making taken away from us; we are to decide what is in our best interest. Other factor is economic fear. Americans are having a very rough go of it, Americans are suffering a lot of financial pain. A national health care program carries a lot of costs and we expect those costs to appear as massive tax increases. You British well know how we feel about Tea and Taxes.
You have no idea how society works and imaginge that the “Tea Party” had anything to do with anything.  Witholding taxes and shooting the kings soldiers, that’s something to do with something.  Old rich white dudes dressing up as natives to throw tea off a boat hardly smacks of heorism.
I am a traditional American Indian. Should you want to experience your “mean streak” notion give us traditional Indians a try. In my culture, you will either survive and contribute to our tribe or be banished from our lands if not simply killed. We are known for being harshly pragmatic.
See above, re: Old White people.  Your people  are also known for living on State Funded and assisted reserves paying no taxes and being the subject of much fretting on the left and outright scorn from the right.  Don’t you already get free health care?

The march from “Summer” to crap it’s snowing in September!


Does anyone else think that it is a good chance that we’ll see snow on the ground by September 31st this year?  The glorious weather we had just a week and a bit past appears to have been what would have been a heat wave in a normal summer (40+ degrees) but was the only thing that looked like summer this year.

I’m going to hibernate this winter, call me when the Great Lakes have dried up due to the heat.

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-25

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There is no Lubrication Required

No Lube Required

I’ll suggest that you look at this picture in full then wonder what possessed this lady to stand on the Train side of the Train Barrier, placed there to keep skin from train.  Also, note that the train car in the background requires no lubrication, like and expensive and high-quality condom.

Amateur Super Heroics sometimes involve nightsticks


This is no way to get things going if you are going to pick up Amateur Super Heroics.  In fact, I might suggest that this looks like total failure.  This is the climax of issue one of Kick Ass (soon to be a major motion picture in theaters from Lions’ Gate).  The basic plot isn’t really that much, no real motivations except heroics (maybe dead mommy issues) and the desire to do something.  The “real” world has a share of the “Duff Man” styled super heroes running around being fat in tights.  Kick Ass looks to say “those are the posers, this is what happens when you really want to do something”

Things improve for our protagonist by issue two:


I can’t say I was really into Kick Ass when it first came out, I had a full plate of Invincible and other standard superheroes and “alternate superheroics” (The Boys, Black Summer, Etc) do read.  So when Kick Ass wasn’t right there for me to read, I missed a few issues and then forgot about it.    It was violent and gritty, but “The Boys” showed superheropes getting their orbits cracked by a little scottish Simon Pegg.  How could Kick Ass compete?  A Movie is a good start.

The Intro seems to mirror the first pages of the Comic and the extended trailers looks REALLY amazing and the clips convinced me of Nic Cages commitment to the material.  It looks like Kick Ass will be setting the “Violent as a Japanese Guro Horror” bar for 2010, but really, I hope it’s not just ridiculous violence like Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police.