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This is why you think movies are getting dumber

SCHNEIDER: Yeah, I think the problem primarily is that it’s become a global business instead of an American business. Nobody wants to invest a lot of money in something that they can’t sell overseas. A movies comes out and it tanks in the U.S. and it makes a half-a-billion dollars overseas. That was a safety net but, after awhile, the safety net becomes the mantra. They say that if our safety net is overseas then we better make movies that play overseas. So, now you’re trying to make a movie for EVERYBODY in the world. Try sitting down with a blank piece of paper, write “Fade In,” and think of an idea for everybody in the world. That’s why you’re getting the movies you’re getting. People wonder why they’re dumbed down and so hook-driven, it’s because if it’s a story about a naked ghost stewardess, that’s something everybody knows but not everybody knows about stories like a hermit who lives in the corner of town up a hill.

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