A retirement gift

There was a retirement party at my husband’s workplace yesterday

The woman who runs the office retired after 25 years. Her husband retired last year & they plan to travel & kick back while they are both healthy.

My husband’s fantastic boss had the party catered, and had everyone knock off for the day (with pay) ,at noon.

After all the festivities were over, my husband noticed her crying & went over to give her a hug.. Between sobs, she said. “look at THIS!”, and pulled a check out of the card the boss had slipped to her.. It was a check for $12,500.00.. with a note that said..“Here’s $500 for every year you gave us…for your trip….”

She’s union, and was always well paid and every year she got a generous bonus.. This was from him..from his personal account.

We all hear about terrible bosses, but there are a few good ones too

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