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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

  • Photo: There was one time, this was ‘haim’ #
  • Photo: Here was where Stuart Lived and Where I fell off of a shed…. stupid gravity #
  • Photo: Wha’ pit these hooses here? Jings, crivvens and help M’boab! And other scottish noises only found in… #
  • Photo: Ah, still mostly the same as it was, good auld corner. WHO LET REMAX INTAE SCOTLAND? WHIT A SCUNNER! #
  • Photo: I’m not gonna say what the postman saw in Brian feenie’s window, but it wasn’t murder unless you’re… #
  • Photo: Where my “Granny up the Hill” lived and “The Home” for troubled youths (?) #
  • Photo: This looks very little like it used to when my Granny and Grandpa lived there, only the basic shape is… #
  • Photo: The sher number of nightmares I’ve had about the tiny stretch of road is amazing, I had one in the… #
  • Inception – Not the amazing nerdgasm that the neckbeard in Heroes had said. Good movie. Not the most moving… #
  • "McClain is escorted by only five officers, two of which are carrying her bags." – Jalopnik – Missing the… #
  • Just recorded a 45 minute Happy hardcore set… nostalgia is fun, but it didn't work… made a harder core LUV U MORE… all gone now. #

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