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Tag: Poetry

Poem: For an Immoral Bottom Dwellor

I am now totally going out on the streets with a BAN DUFFY NOW placard. I would *love* to have a poem written because of me. What a memorial!
posted by low_horrible_immoral at 9:38 AM on September 12

oh what a beastie is this, when winds are blown from o’er it’s rump?

For it sighs in repose and calls for censure and retort from no cause and no strong tort.

For when can a beast from the bottom say when the sun should shine, for it’s own jealous eye can see no light.

The Universal Machine

I tell you this, the universe is but a machine. If you do not believe this, observee only the leaves of the trees for proof of this truth. When but one leaf falls in autumns chill, you may feel assured that it’s green but yellowing fellows will come along soon.

We few mewling children are niether the architects nor the caretakers that we are charged with being. No gentle reader, we are but the despoiler.

Darker the World may be.

Witness now; all ye dark works! This is no new day born! This is the old dawn, new again. Open your eyes upon the flat brown earth, and see that it is yours you dark lords, you fell princes. Lords many, Kings none.

You Can Have it

You Can have your Daisy Connection!
Live it all you want. It’s not as if it will end you.
For it is not as much as that, not that price you pay, for all you say. Is not as much as that.
Never so dear, as far or near; still finding chance today.

Now go for, forevermore and speak to me, but never more, it is that bus, it leaves for you and drives you to Nod.

Sleep on, sleep on and find your rest. I’ll not destroy repose. But do not forget, as you sleep, a daisy is not a rose.

Carbon Copy of a Smile

This was the one thing that had to come down,
The edifice of a warm regard.
The attractive lie that was held in those smiles, those
Just as it was the last time I saw you.
Warm eyes, Warm Smile.
Cold everything else.
Just drop it, I don’t need it.
Just give me my coffee.