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Taking a Quick Swipe at an Easy Target

[Ron] Paul supports giving educational control back to parents, rather than allowing the federal government to fund the schools. He plans to discontinue the Department of Education and return its functions to the states

I lived in the States for a while, Oregon to be precise.  State control of the Education Budget would be a disaster there; as the people would underfund the school system to death, then blame the schools for failing to educate their kids.  I overheard dozens of Walmart Butter Trolls talking about vetoing school budget increases (needed to offset cuts imposed by NCLB) because the schools were doing a poor job of educating their kids.  Of course! The answer is obvious, force the schools to cut budgets for education, that’ll make them teach HARDER to survive!

I wonder if the education System in Oregon has been producing these dunderheads forever or only since the electorate got to vote on budgets?

People will vote down any tax “increase” simple as that.

Good Old Ron Paul was like Tax Panecea for some folks, stupid folks.

To the Ron Paul Supporters

I’m not sure any of you people actually know what Ron Paul espouses.  He wants to do away with the Fed, the Faa, the department of education, fema, etc… He’s the Grover Norquist candidate…. not the freedom candidate.

Check out his platform if you don’t believe it:

Pro-Life Republican all the way, doesn’t really support individual except in the “Get it done yourself” kind of support.  Anti-stem cell research, Anti-Social Security, Pro-Bush Tax Cuts.

It seems the only thing Ron Paul breaks with the Republican Party as whole on is the Iraq War and Capital Punishment, given the rest of his stances, I think that may have more to do with Costs than anything else.

It should be clear (by reading his platform) that Ron Paul doesn’t support individual freedom, he supports “Individual Enterprise”, which isn’t really about freedom, it’s about competing with everyone else all the time. That’s not “society”, that’s “business” and society isn’t business.  This becomes especially important to note when we are talking about health care, where he espouses that individuals should negotiate with the HMOs (etc) on their own.

Have you ever tried to negotiate with a large corporation who has a monopoly in your area?  How do you negotiate when the HMO that services your are is one of two or three that don’t REALLY compete.  The Government has moved to allow more competition between HMOs in the US, have health care costs really gone down?

What about self-regulating airports?

How about private police forces?

Toll  roads everywhere!

The business of government is to maintain civil society by service and protection, some people have forgotten this; especially the politicians themselves.  It seems that people have bought the line that the government is a business, subject to shareholder dividends in the form of actual cash and not services.  So, Ron Paul supporter, are you a supporter of Freedom or a supporter of Individual Enteprise?