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Amazing Spider-Man 591: Unthinkable!

This is how the comic opens:



The Headless Spider-Man!

If you didn’t catch Issue 590; Spider-Man was given a blank checque, made out to Cash to join the FF on a journey to the “MacroVerse” in response to a summons from the (formerly) grass hut living primitives there.

Johnny got it up his nose to see what was under the mask of the mysterious Spider-Man and THIS is what he found.  Eeeeeww.

Without giving away too much, time is compressed while they are in the Macroverse and about 13 and 1/3 days go by (about two weeks, sheesh).  This is a nice way to move time forward in the Spidey-Verse so that things can go down.

Something goes down that makes Spider-Man react like this:

Oh, No!  Aunt May is Dating Dr. Octopus AGAIN!?!?!
Oh, No! Aunt May is Dating Dr. Octopus AGAIN!?!?!

Actually; no.  It’s not Aunt May.  It’s something much more horrifying to Spider-Man (even worse that Osborn as President!?!?!?) you’ll have to check out the issue to find out,  I promise you’ll enjoy it.

The Ret-Con Continues

While Spidey is giving Jameson the Kiss of Life, the Spider-Man comics still continue their mad dash for crap-tacular!

I’m just not digging on the curent plot lines, it IS a nice change from Spidey seeing his wife banging Lobster man on the side, but only in as much as it isn’t as horrifying. I’m not enjoying seeing 20-something Peter Parker waffle from place to place with no real anchor or center to work around. It’s just not as much fun without a home life for him, you know?

The Unlimited Spider-Man should be the proving ground for Single Spider, not the mainline stories. It seems, however, that the Ultimate universe is mired in “here’s what’s happened already, compressed into a few years” so that newer readers come into line with long term readers.

Add to all of this the “Villain of the Week” line of rogues that have been popping up and Spider-Man has undergone a pointless reboot with no end in sight. Hurry up and undo this stupid reboot and get things back on track Marvel, please?