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Fought Super-Spies in my Sleep

I write about my dreams here in the blog every once in a while, so I don’t feel too exposed when I say that last night I dreamed I was a super-powered spy.  I had a watch that could be used to select from a series of super abilities (like a super powered jump or super strength) and a goofy robot companion.

In the part of the dream I clearly remember, my team leader was drawing out a super-spy villainess out of her bunker so that we could apprehend her.  In true comedy action fashion, our goofy robot sidekick popped up and tipped her off, so she took off using her own super powers, while we gave chase.  I rounded a corner, (using super jumping to catch up) and found her standing over the bodies of my team mates, laughing at me.  I lunged at her and as I did woke up to find I was lunging at my wife in my sleep and apparently about to do her harm as I grabbed her.  She said “Hey!” and shook me off and I woke up, feeling sheepish.

It was quite a wake up.

Did you dream about me?

Last night I dreamed about old friends and strange pets; I wonder if anyone else had such odd dreams last night?

  1. I was attending a physics class; there were about 10 people in the class that I would consider close or fairly close confidants.  Some old crushes were there too.  The teacher was kind of ineffectual but was intent on teaching us how fusion worked and why it was important.   I got lost in the math and was unable to follow the actual class.  The class was disrupted by our constant celebration of seeing each other after long absences.  I followed my friends out of the class; but went back and apologized to the teacher (who was kind of a jerk anyway).
  2. After leaving the school building I met a woman who I think I used to know, but her name escapes me.  She was standing in one of the school fields and sort of crying and looking out of sorts.  She explained that she had given up her son for adoption and that she missed him terribly.  She had her boy when she was a teenager and had given him up at birth.  I told her that she made a choice out of love and that I admired her for being strong enough to keep on going.  I hugged her and told her how much I admired her and that I wished her all the best.
  3. Then I shifted to a park where there were some kids playing (my daughter and nephews were there) my parents drove up in their van and the kids piled in.  I sort of floated alongside the van and we drove on down a nearby hill to a disused rail terminal.  I took photographs of the old steam trains held there juxtaposed with toy rail employees.   (NOTE:  Now I want to take pictures of iconic places with toy versions of typical employees or people who would utilize such places) juxtaposed with them)
  4. It was at this point my nephews introduced me to to their new puppy, a black lab.  I forget it’s name.  I then showed them my new cat, a long-clawed sable back mini-panther.  I forget what I called it too.  I also (apparently) had a pet dwarf (fantasy style, like in WoW) calle U-Thor (oo – thor).  I had to keep the dwarf and mini-panther from killing random people as we walked from the rail terminal along a sandy beach.
  5. I took the mini-panther back to the school where I let it loose to roam the halls.  It didn’t do any harm there, as it seemed to love attention.

What was I dreaming about?  I have no idea!  I didn’t play world of warcraft or any other video games last night, I wasn’t reminiscing with anyone.  Maybe I miss some people?

What did you dream about last night?