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The most Naiive Republican evers!

I’ve said before that Republicans aren’t too good at protests because we are just too polite, but maybe it’s time we stepped up to the plate EACH time anyway. Maybe we can stop this leftwing hate machine.

As a reminder, Governor Palin is a Tea Party supporter; Andrew Breitbart even basically called her the candidate of the Tea Parties. If any of our readers can put us in touch with New York Tea Party organizers, please let us know

So, if you are keeping notes: Republicans don’t get into protesting, because they are so polite. However, in the same post we see a reference to the ongoing and sometimes very impolite Tea Party protests that have sprung up around the USA.  Amazing.

Lest you think this is unique;  check out this one:

If you want to show your disgust at Pelosi, be there! Now, I’m not one for protests. I’ve been to a few (I think of the Tea Parties more as rallies), and frankly Republicans and conservatives aren’t too good at protest because we are just too well behaved. Take a look at the rest of the protest page:

(emphasis added)

Why I do declare; it is so beyond us Republicans to mount an effective protest because we are simply to polite:

So Very very Polite.


Paragons of Civility and Genteel Discourse.

Never Raising their voices in Protest; except for the most Egregious outrage, just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Not a Shining City on a Hill

Barely a burning corpse on a street these days:

No House at all
No House at all

Conclusion 8: Detainee abuse occurred during JPRA’s support to Special Mission Unit (SMU)
Task Force (TF) interrogation operations in Iraq in September 2003. JPRA Commander Colonel
Randy Moulton’s authorization ofSERE instructors, who had no experience in detainee
interrogations, to actively participate in Task Force interrogations using SERE resistance training
techniques was a serious failure in judgment. The Special Mission Unit Task Force
Commander’s failure to order that SERE resistance training techniques not be used in detainee
interrogations was a serious failure in leadership that led to the abuse ofdetainees in Task Force
custody. Iraq is a Geneva Convention theater and techniques used in SERE school are
inconsistent with the obligations of U.S. personnel under the Geneva Conventions.

Read it for yourself

Holy Crap these people have NO shame

Rush Limbaugh recently said: “I am all for the AIG bonuses” and attacked the Obama administration for trying to undo them. He also blasted Dem efforts to get the names of the AIG bonus recipients as “McCarthyism.”

Fox News followed suit, also comparing Dems to “Joe McCarthy.” And Sean Hannity has now derided efforts to tax the execs by saying: “In other words, we’re going to just steal their money.”

When these people say “they are for the little guy” they mean “Short CEOs”

Boss Limbaugh: Come on and get Newt

I can enjoy this all the way up here in Soviet Canuckistan.  Burn Conservatives Burn!
I can see right through this game; set up the obvious villain, look like a rational person next to him and lead the party out of the doldrums.  Easy stuff.

How to find George Bush without a Map

#4 posted by Anonymous , February 12, 2009 11:27 AM

About a year ago my wife and I visited a Darwin exhibit at the Field museum in Chicago. She grew up in Northern Ireland and was educated in a Catholic school. Partway through the exhibit she started crying. She said she was never taught this stuff, didn’t really understand it until the exhibit, and felt stupid.

Less than 40% of US residents polled accept the existence of Evolution as a concept.  That would be startling if what was discussed was any other country; but the USA produced Paris Hilton, Carrot Top and Sarah Palin.I can accept anything that excoriates the general lack of intelligence that marks North American society as a whole.

It is no wonder Americans are perceived as loud morons who lack the simple ability to locate their rectum using a map and two hands.  Surely they would eat the map (once it was doused in cheese) and then proceed to lick their hands clean while denying the existence of said rectum.  Later; when it was explained that rectum meant “asshole” they would drive to Texas and locate George Bush’s house in a near savant-like trance.

Psilons, in my campaign?

The debate on Friday was to focus on Mr. McCain’s perceived strength, foreign policy. Mr. McCain had not planned to devote large blocks of time to debate practice as did Mr. Obama, who was holing up with a tight circle of advisers at a hotel in Clearwater, Fla., on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to prepare. Mr. McCain had a preparatory session on Wednesday afternoon at the Morgan Library in Manhattan, but advisers said it had been interrupted by his decision, announced immediately afterward, to suspend his campaign.

If you are up on the whole “Clambake” then you must know what Clearwater, Florida is, right? Let me remind you:

If you’re still here and you didn’t watch the video and am still not clear on where Clearwater is, it’s practically the center of the non-celebrity world of Scientology. Demographically, it’s a strange choice for the Obama campaign to appear there, what with the CoS’s somewhat tarnished public image. I’m going to have to do a little digging to look to see if any well-known CoS members are in the Obama campaign.

It appears I’m not the first person to question this

This is troubling to me, as I’ve been more and more concerned about how the CoS goes about defending itself from criticism in very aggressive and/or paranoid ways.  In Fact, I’m sure that I’ll get a few hits over here just for this post.

So, what do you think, is there a CoS mole in the Obama campaign?

US Politics are Sexy: Obama is unprepared for Office

I’ve been shy to post very much about the coming US election, mostly because I no longer have a dog in that fight.  I’m not really in the Tank for Obama; I think he’s a good guy but still really a “Politician” Politician, who would sell out his own morals for votes.  I’m not really saying that as a negative; it’s probably a virtue in a politician.   However, I’m infinitley more interested in Obama than I was in Hillary or McCain.  Both of the latter candidates strike me as people who could be trusted to simply enact their own personal policies, whereas Obama appears to blow with the wind, which (as Bill Clinton showed) can make for a memorable and light presidency.
All that said; I don’t dig on the “Obama is too new to be President” arguments; thus I present this compelling argument from a Digg comment I read today.
Obama is definitely more qualified to be President than George W. Bush was, and is definitely more qualified to be President than McCain. How so? Well, on the former point, one only has to look at Bush’s history to have that question answered. If Bush was qualified for the job, then Obama certainly is. On the latter, one only has to look at McCain’s lack of grasp of economics & foreign policy, & his continued blunders, plus his rather shady history in the Keating 5.

Obama has served 11 years in elected office, including 8 years in the Illinois Senate and 3 years in the U.S. Senate. He is the only candidate to begin a presidential bid with experience at both the state and federal levels. He brings more elected experience to his presidential campaign than Ronald Reagan (8 years as California governor), Perot (zilch), George W. Bush (6 years Texas governor), Hillary Clinton (7 years as senator), John Edwards (6 years as U.S. senator), Giuliani (8 years as NYC mayor), Mitt Romney (4 years governor). Obama has much more foreign policy experience than either Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan had when they were elected.

But if the best candidates are those with the most experience, then you surely believe that Strom Thurmond should have become president.

Remember: The three presidents who historians consider the greatest of all time (Lincoln, Washington, and FD Roosevelt) all had much less legislative experience Obama. Abraham Lincoln served but a single term in the United States House of Representatives and less time in the Illinois Senate. Even Eisenhower had virtually no political experience.

Experience? 30 years in the senate will not necessarily mean you will make good decisions on foreign policy, or will choose smart, pragmatic advisors/cabinet members. There are few people with more experience in public life over the past 40 years than Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld – and George W. Bush was around politics his entire life. Have they done a decent job? Do you trust ’em? If so, you’re a chump.

Telfon Coated Presidency

For our friends overseas, imagine for a moment that when you go for a job interview you were asked what team you supported?  Perhaps, when you went to the doctor they asked you what Chapel you went (or didn’t go) to?  Outrageous, right?  You’d want to spit blood if you didn’t get the job when someone asked you in an official capacity what shirt you wore to the match, right?

The Folks in the Bush Whitehouse did this as a matter of process.  It’s fairly clear that the Bush whitehouse was a 100% self-sustaining political nepotism engine.  Which is outrageous when one considers how this was applied to non-political roles.

High-ranking political appointees at the Justice Department labored to stock a prestigious hiring program with young conservatives in a five-year-long attempt to reshape the department’s ranks, according to an inspector general’s report to be released today.

Report says partisanship reigned in Justice Department hiring program

When we see this kind of crap going on south of the border, amongst the “enlightened” conservative movement there, one wonders why Canadians still seem to think the Home-Grown variety are going to perform any differently.  The Liberals may have been fattening the coffers of their friends, but at least they weren’t destroying the Canadian way of life or giving in to the Bush Whitehouse while they were in office.  The Harper conservatives seem keen on only two things, social conservatism and emulating the conservatives south of the border.  Stay tuned for new scandals with the Tories mirroring those south of the sensible.


The internal audit already has produced one grand jury referral. Federal prosecutors in the District recently issued subpoenas to former employees in Justice’s civil rights unit as part of a probe into discrepancies in 2007 congressional testimony by Bradley A. Schlozman, an interim U.S. attorney in Kansas City, Mo.

Maybe this will come out in the wash, but when my Democrat friends were all telling me about how Patrick Fitzgerald was going to shake the Whitehouse like a bone and get the bastards, I knew that it would fall flat.  I imagine this will all come for nothing too.

Go Teflon Whitehouse!