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Welcome to Great Britain, Circa 1984

Hey America!

Do you remember why Great Britain produced such great music as “The Cure” and “The Smiths” and “Joy Division”?

Well, for those who forget it was due to the decade long malaise that was the Thatcher government. You’ve just set yourselves on the fine path towards a similiar situation here in the Good old US of A. However, you have one bonus element, crushing idealogical beliefs and a more advanced surveillance system to monitor your activities for anything that could seem anti-government.

Congratualtions on this fine path. None could disagree that Great Britain is a fine country now, and it only took about a Decade.

Hell, this might be year 4 of the 12 year Republican cycle. As you people seem so fond of having.

Osama is going to be calling in the next few weeks or so, I’m sure he has some new recruits he is dying to introduce to you too.

On the whole I wish you well, at least you will finally be able to produce a few more excellent rock bands before the decade is out.

Love & Kisses,


P.S. Good luck with the draft if it happens.

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