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WoW ReDux

Now a few weeks later, My S.O. and I have joined a guild and rolled along with some online friends.

I’ve reaced Lvl 30 with my Druid Faenfal and I suspect Dodrah (my Wife’s Hunter) has reached Lvl 30 today. I say suspect becuase we have been playing apart wuite a bit, due to an ongoing illness that she has suffered.

Anyway, I’ve foudn that my guild mates have not approached me for help with Guild related stuff, nor have they really been of any assistance with raw maerials or processed materials collection. So, in order to fill a void in our lives, I;ve created an alternate Character that can perform the skills Jenny and I need in order to get things done, (namely create Leather armour for us and Tailor outfits to wear to events)

She’s a Lvl 10 Pally named Pachyderm, aptly named as she is simply a pack animal who I’m levelling so that she can make stuff from the raw materials I gather for her.

Anyways, this game is still crack and I’m still hooked.

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