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My Reading habits

Argh, I read.

Now, this is no real revelation for you, this is a textual media after all, reading is fundamental here.  What I mean is I don’t read enough, not even close.  I always have a book or two on the go and can claim that I can read 3-4 novels in a week (on top of way too many comics) but I’ve gone so long without a non-fiction book that I might actually scream.

I’m looking forward to reading “What would a Patriot Do?” and “Imaginary Weapons” but they always seem to be in the future.  When I’m reading, I’m probably not writing, which confounds me further as I would like to finish my current work and go on. It is an embarrassment of choice I tell you.

Add to all of this the fact that I’m back on WoW (for my wife) and I have no time any more (or it seems like it)  I wonder if I could convince myself to read in bed again?  I used to all the time.

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