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What TV show(s) will you be watching this season? Why?
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House: I’m a total addict and am a medical mystery freak.  I love the character too, ascerbic is awesome.

Come on, of course I’ll watch the Simpsons after this long you don’t break that habit.

Venture Brothers: This season is actually just about done, it has been great thus far.

Scrubs: This may be the last season, but I have loved all of them thus far.

Ghost Whisperer/Medium:
I won’t be watching them (if I can help it) but My wife loves these; I just can’t get past the “Lifetime Network” feel to them, they are like X-Files for Hausefraus.

Legion of Super Heroes:  New Show, I enjoy the Warner Brothers/DC Cartoons (Except for Teen Titans)

The Batman: A good adaption of Batman that seems to keep getting better.

Avatar the Last Airbender:  Good show, good story. (I don’t DVR this one)

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