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Thieves and Criminals

While we were out today, (selling my books), I had a brush with CRIMINALS!!! OOOOhhhhh

Actually, it was way after I had already sold my precious tomes.  I was picking up potatoes for tomorrows dinner and was paying when some kids brushed by me to go out the front door of the grocery store (Market of Choice, Represent) two young guys in street clothes pushed passed me and chased them out.  I didn’t think anything of it, but the cashier was watching really close.

When I stepped out, the second guys were bringing one of the kids back in, asking why he took “it” and did he not hav the money for “it”.  Shoplifter.  His friend got a stern talking to, a car screeched up and he jumped in and “escaped”

I saw the kids in the car, with the greasy kid who escaped waiting to leave, I tried to snap a picture, but NiteGirl wouldn’t let me, insisting that she take the picture instead.  She failed to find the button.


Anyway, here’s the unlock all code for GH2


Have fun.

NOTE:  notq added some comments to this blog post that led down a path I just don’t want to go here.  This is my vapid online diary, basically my bully pulpit.  I don’t really want to discuss politics on here (even though I have) I’ve left my blog post up but taken down notqs (and my) replies. I really don’t want to dialogue with anyone about the “reasons” behind what this kid did.  It’s done, I laughed about it, blog over.

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