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He Spins a web like a Dork

So, Spider-Man 3; what to say about it?

First the negatives:  It’s very very cheesy.  Nacho Cheese Cheesy.  From the stupid “wolf walk” scene with Tobey, to the Flag scene later in the film, it’s chock full of cheese.  Small children will enjoy the easy-to-read jokes that are splayed about in this film.  In a movie that is supposed to be about the Dark Side of Spider-Man, we are  laughing alot.

The fight scenes were great, and the big redemption scene was sufficiently emotional.  Tobey turns in a good EMO-Peter performance (if any reader was at the showing I was at, I was the guy who called out “Now I’m EMO!!!” when the big hairstyle change came down, you’re welcome).

It was predictable, and cheesy; but I won’t hesitate to buy it when it comes to DVD and I will recommend it as family viewing, as it is clearly a family film.

If I was a reviewer, I’d give it a thumbs up, if only for the popcorn movie factor.

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