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On Privacy

By way of a response to 007Ben, I’m posting here on Vox.

I used to run my own blog using wordpress, I had a custom layout and wrote my own plug ins and had a great time of it.  I used a paid hosting service to run it and I was in total control of the blog.  This meant that my own web space was in my control and that I could control who read my blog.  This meant that beyond the odd friend who found it, hardly anyone visited the damn thing.    I could point to Google and see that I was the number-one site for NiteMayr and usually “Kevin Wardrop” but it didn’t translate into visitors.  I wrote in my blog to share with the world; caring or not.

I don’t have a private life anymore, not really.  I share myself on Twitter and my blog, I syndicate all of this on my webspace ( I have a personal web space, true;  but that is based off publicly available links from Digg, delicious and various other sources.   I leave a digital trail about 10 miles wide and do not care who knows what about me.  I have no secrets.

I share Ben’s qualms about being spread across too many places, but isn’t that what our new social lifestyle is all about?  The web lets us share ourselves in so many ways, and we control the message.

I think that sums it up, while I share myself, I control the message.

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