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Up and Down Again

NiteCat, NiteGirl and I went up Skinner’s Butte today.  No Mean feat.  Well, not really, it’s a short walk but NiteGirl and I are pretty out of shape, so it was good exercise either way.  This was yet another excuse to take pictures and generally gawk at Eugene as we will be leaving ever so soon.

I reward your patience with a picture:

Water can be Goopy
Water can be Goopy

This was taken at the water fountain at the top of the Butte, where the water is apparently the only chlorinated water in the whole city.   It tasted awful, but it takes a nice picture nonetheless.

Additionally, here is a nice picture from Alton Baker park, taken the day before:


Taken amongst a crowd of goslings,  awwww.

Anyway, if you are interested here’s the skinny on my Car “The Batmobile”  (Which is nicer than the Fatmobile)

NiteGirl, NiteCat and I were leaving the theater after the ignominious “Third Movie” when we realized that the car felt a bit odd on the passenger side.  Looking at the wheel, we confirmed that it was a little low on air and we proceeded to fill it up, at which point I noted that the metal from the inside of the tire was coming through; but on the INNER edge of the tire quell surprise.

So, off to Firestone we go.  Look, I’m aware of the issues they have had in the past, so I make the same assumption there that I make at Jack in the Box; due to their past bad press they HAD to clean up their act.  Also, they were close and I have done business with them in the past.

After their initial inspection they also found that the passenger-front ball-joint and Driver-Rear wheel cylinder needed work.  I assented to the work and they proceeded to perform these and OTHER repairs *for free* on top of the aforementioned tire replacements (4) and wheel alignments (lacking a lifetime guarantee, but I may never see another Firestone) and for good measure an oil change with the extra fancy high-mileage stuff.

I’m going to  be scrambling to pay the Credit Card bill that comes along with this, but I can’t argue with the results.  I was planning on getting this work done before the big move anyway, the power steering needs work and it needs a tune up; but an annoying squeak that I have been hearing for about two years is now gone and I feel more confident in the wheels (as they used to feel a bit, um, loose).

So there it is, the skinny on the Bat mobile.  We also had a nice lunch at Red Robin, who still make crappy fries.

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