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Change the Channel

Who’s the most annoying person on TV?

It’s a toss-up between Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace.

They really have no place on CNN, and should move to Fox.
I had Two guys sign up for Vox just to comment on this, in reverse order “John Hampton”

ALL of you DUMMIES have GOT to get remote controls for your TVs so if someone as smart as Glenn Beck comes on and makes you think, you can go back to your vegetative, “let someone else handle the world’s problems” state of mind!! Smoke a little more weed. All you have to do is CHANGE the CHANNEL! No viewers? ratings go down! You following, or need I repeat …Ratings go down? Advertisers begin looking elsewhere to promote their product. Capische? Advertisers go down? BECK goes away…(way)…(way)…(ay)..(ay).. a…

and “Rick”

Just out of curiousity, why do they “really have no place on CNN”?

You guys are both, INCREDIBLE ASSHOLES!!! Yay!

You can pick up your prize over at the VA.  Have a good one, and thanks for making a big deal out of an offhand comment.  I’m glad you joined vox just to comment on my one sentence condemnation of the pointless and inflammatory Beck and Grace.

Maybe Vox will make some money off of you both, granted I imagine you are both some kind of sock puppets.  So, good on ya, either way.

Oh, I should also point out that I am incorrect, they have no point on “Headline News”; which should stick to it’s “news every 60 minutes” format and just dump the “Shows” altogether.  I like the snippets format they use in the morning and lets me get the minimal dose of national and international news that I like before I see the ‘net.

Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace are “personalities” who belong on a personality-driven news channel.  “HEADLINE NEWS” used to be a news driven channel, now it is personality driven, in the evening.

I only know those two by name because I can’t avoid their non-stop commercials.

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