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Fascinating Class

What is the most interesting class you have ever taken?
Submitted by Melissa.

Creative Writing, it was a grade 12 class, but I took it in my last semester of school, as I already had enough credits and couldn’t find a decent job.  I took one class for that semester, it was GREAT!

I got to work in the media lab, and work with chroma key equipment (which we didn’t know we had until I found it) edit videos and generally geek out.

I also sat next to a Spanish Exchange Student named Carla Bonino; she was cute and didn’t have any hangups about hanging with geeks.  My friend Tim and I used to have gross offs, where we would write horrible prose and ask for them to be read in class.  I met Karla J in that class too, my first avowed lesbian friend (that was open and honest about it)  she used to shoot the craw with us and turned me on to some good music.
The only problem with the class was sharing it with this French kid named Marc (I really don’t remember his name, so I’m guessing) he was a total attention whore; who was obsessed with Guns N Roses about 5 years past their due date.

I love History, I loved sociology, but that was my favorite class, ever.

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