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Garage Sale Post-Script

Hippies Suck.
Rain Sucks.
The DVD Store ripped us off
The Book Store Loves my Graphic Novels
I am still about 200 dollars short.

That is all.

Yep, rain. As predicted.

I nearly called off even going out there (I wish I did, as it would have saved us a ton of effort moving all that crap around)

It started raining before we went out, I asked them to move the damn sale into the gym.  Everyone’s stuff got wet.

I sold all the DVDs and Books, and m,ade around 300 bucks for it. I should have made 500, but I couldn’t get a fair price for my dvds.

Jen and I fought a bit over her driving, but I think I was just frustrated and lashing out.

Oh well.

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