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Sopranos Finale * Spoilers *

So, yeah.  It’s over.
85 episodes, some good, some bad, some great.

I was hooked by Tony Soprano way back when, and now I’m just left wondering.
The Sopranos ended for me, like it began, in the middle of something.  I caught something with Christopher in some early episode, and got hooked on it.  Tony swaggered into Dr. Melfi’s office and I didn’t stop watching.  The Drama surrounding Tony’s Mother reminded me about the troubles my Family had with my Gret-Grandmother as senile-dimentia took over her mind.  AJs constant struggle for approval in Tony’s eyes, and their strained relationship reminded me how hard it has been in the past to connect with my own Dad, which I think we’ve done.

I watched the Sopranos because they were a family, a family with Drama beyond my own, but a microcosm of all the Drama around me, sometimes exaggerated, sometime eerily close to the bone.

There was fraternity and honor.  Something we all respect, in proper context.

There was loyalty and laughter, which we all could use.

Then there was the crime.

We all indulge in little crimes, sometimes without meaning to.    When we see Tony reap the rewards of large and (sometimes) bloodless crime, especially against a larger institution, we got a thrill.

Now it’s over.

And all we are left with is a long cut to black.

Perhaps that was for the best.

EDIT: A more succinct statement on the ending

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