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On Vox: Ah, Bottle Thieves

Ahh Bottle Thieves.

We have a problem with garbage pickers in my neighborhood, people pick through our collective garbage and take stuff, they do it at night as if that would cover them up.  It’s a l rustle rustle clang, clink clink.

So, this is going out back behind me and I walk out to listen, yup, bottle thieves.  I say out loud “That sounds like a withdrawal; not a deposit” and suddenly the clinking stops, car doors close and two guys drive off.  If they were residents, they would have known that the road next to my house was the way out, they just went deeper into the subdivision, confirming they had no reason to be digging through the garbage near my house,.

I just wanted to hassle them a little, they really didn’t need to stop.  If they want/need the bottles, more power to them.  I just don’t like people rooting through the garbage, as there are a number of ID thieves in the area (one was even profiled on ABC) .

It was a good line and they got the right kind of embarrassed/scared.

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