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On Vox: Missing: One Tubby Blogger

Hey Blog, sorry I’ve been away so much.

I finished “Choke” today, let me confide in you that I had to read it in small doses, as I only seemed to find time to read it on the can.  I took it out this afternoon and finished it.  I think Karl will like it.

Let me also confide in you that I am very afraid that I will have to leave even more stuff behind.  I’m going to visit U-Haul to find out if I can actually tow one of their trailers (I have a U-Haul hitch on the car already, so I may be all set)

I’ve been on the Facebook alot lately, so sorry for that.

We sold some furniture this week, which is bittersweet as we only made 75 bucks.  I need to make up about 800 bucks in cash to pay off all of our immediate debts, so that I don’t have to rely on credit.

Someone would tell me that I should save my pennies now, but I get out so little, that the times I do go out and spend, I like to enjoy myself.  I should get out with the Camera more though,  tomorrow.   I mean, I’ll have a new lens by then; I’ll HAVE to go out.  My new flash arrive next week, so does my new camera bag.

I am spending this money now to round out my kit more before I am on the other side of the border; where my purchase power will be reduced.

I’m very uncertain about this move, as I am giving up so much for it.  Maybe I’ll be able to snag that trailer and relieve some of the worry.  We’ll see.

I’m not hitching my star to it yet.

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