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On Vox: More than Meets the…

I heard the “More than meets the eye” line one too many times tonight.

Otherwise, I was pretty much entertained by the the “Transformers” movie.  Hasbro has done themselves proud with this marketing bonanza.  I imagine more than a few moms are going to be put off by the cursing in this one.

The action is fast an furious (when it gets going) it’s not a slow “talky” movie, but it ponders along until (get this) John Turtoro shows up.  YES!  The lead from Quiz Show and Barton Fink shows up and makes the movie AWESOME.

The Autobots, initially, are little punks.  They cower, they defer they simper. 

It’s pretty much a comedy until JT shows up.  I’m not kidding.  He’s funny, but he makes it worth it.

The action sequences that follow amp up and up, with a great street battle with a less-than-stellar final battle (It just sort of ends with a ton of loose ends hung out)

I know they are positioning this for a sequel, but I hope they just let it stand; it’s good on it’s own.

What was with making Jazz bounce around and dance?  Sheesh.

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