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On Vox: Shut Down Again

Yep, “The position was filled”  again.

Where are these phantom IT experts appearing from?  After 10+ years of direct professional IT experience you’d think that some firm would be gagging for me.  But no.

I spoke with my recruiter friend and he confirmed that the whole sector is slow (due to the end of the year) I have to agree as the daily job postings have slowed to nearly nil.

That being said, I am sick of this crap.  Sick to death.  Maybe I don’t have CCNA or MCSE behind my name, but I have 10+ years, a degree in computer science and better diagnostic skills than 95% of the technicians I have met.  I can work in flash, C, C++, Pascal, PhP, have set up LAMP servers, wrote MySQL front-ends, created content management systems from scratch, worked on PHP-based MMO code (I forked black sun traders really), read packet traces, diagnose email header issues, memorized a number of RFCs, taught hundreds of techs how to understand DNS, SMTP, HTTP and diagnose network issues via telnet.  I’ve created streaming audio solutions via shoutcast and winamp.   I spoke about AntiSpam at Washington to massive approval by the audience.  I have done all this and more, but I can’t find a job in IT.


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