Twitter Updates for 2009-11-12

  • Where is the moral outrage over the prostitutes in Dragon Age? Maybe there needs to be a slow news day first, huh? #
  • Two "Good" resumes, @ candidates who could not answer straight questions on the content of them. Why claim what you don't know? More Later #
  • @ThatKevinSmith Don't forget the Ugly stick too… :P in reply to ThatKevinSmith #
  • @akantor Yeah, It's a terrible system with no real choice (re: ISPs) it's the same in the states though, where they agree not to compete… in reply to akantor #
  • @phronk Actually "Replies" shows all of the entries that contain @yourname…. so RTs show there too, time to crack that API ;P in reply to phronk #
  • @phronk I apparently don't see this new feature, FML ;P in reply to phronk #
  • Jesus Christ Matt, it's tweet, not tweat Lol, it looks like you misspelled "sweat" LoL "You can sweat him here" and now we're all OldSchool #
  • Blog Post: When you inflate your experience, you may deflate your chances #
  • @SusieStalker even Break on Through, LA Woman and Riders on the Storm? in reply to SusieStalker #
  • @_KaraBanana I wasn't going to say it, Why does it have a paw print? in reply to _KaraBanana #
  • Did I mention I made Trifle on the weekend? The Jelly with cake in it went well, but the next two layers were just sloppy messes…. #
  • @akantor Not even paintball or apple wars? in reply to akantor #
  • @London_Resumes Scottish, I've never just made one for myself before; and it was a good experience for my daughter we crushed a flakey on it in reply to London_Resumes #
  • @London_Resumes There's a great "british" shop on southdale, near wellington in the same strip as the giant tiger in reply to London_Resumes #

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