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Are there people who claim to be scientists who you may not want to trust to state “Object Facts”?

6. Are there established scholars in the scientific community who support intelligent design theory?

Yes. Intelligent design theory is supported by professors, doctoral scientists, researchers and theorists at universities, colleges, and research institutes around the world. These include in the UK: Norman Nevin, professor emeritus of medical genetics at Queen’s University and an advisor to the government on gene therapies; Andy MacIntosh, professor of thermodynamics and combustion theory at the University of Leeds; Stuart Burgess, professor of design and nature and head of mechanical engineering at Bristol University; Geoff Barnard, visiting senior research scientist in the department of veterinary medicine, University of Cambridge; Derek Linkens, professor and dean emeritus, department of automatic control and systems engineering, University of Sheffield (elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering for his research on biological systems modelling and control); Steve Taylor, reader in micro and nano technology at the University of Liverpool; Russell Healey, lecturer in the engineering department at Cambridge University; science and education consultant Arthur Jones, who is a member of the Institute of Biology and holds a PhD from Birmingham University for research on the diversification of cichlid fish. In America, intelligent design theorists include biochemist Michael Behe at Lehigh University; microbiologist Scott Minnich at the University of Idaho; biologist Paul Chien at the University of San Francisco; emeritus biologist Dean Kenyon at San Francisco State University; quantum chemist Henry Schaefer at the University of Georgia; mathematician William Dembski, and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer

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