I find it sad that people look at Rob Ford and because he lacks sophistication assume he: (1) stands up for the little guy; (2) tells it like it is; and (3) is a regular guy.

With respect to point (1) most of his policies benefit people who own multiple cars and have high property values. He has done nothing to make it easier to do business in Toronto or to attract jobs and investment (sorry handing out your business card on the streets of Chicago is not a foreign investment strategy). His tax cuts (which favour the wealthy) have resulted in reduced service on bus routes. Guess who rides buses? It’s not elite downtowners, it’s working class suburbanites who do not own cars. Sure, he’ll stand up for individual people who call him but in terms of crafting policy and strategies that would impact the lives of thousands of little guys he has done nothing.

With respect to point (2) most of what he says is demonstrably false.

With respect to point (3) he was born into wealth, inherited his father’s business, inherited his father’s political machine, drives a luxury SUV and refers to his voters as a nation named after himself

Peter – comment on http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/11/05/john-moore-rob-ford-never-was-rob-ford/