Why do billionaire executives need defined benefit pension plans (and gold plated medical plans) while ordinary citizens do not?

If defined contribution plans are the Canadian norm – why aren’t defined benefit?

Why are politicians entitled to defined benefit plans after 5 years when they only “service” they provide is to themselves (need we hear of more examples of the selfish entitled Conservative politicians)?

Why aren’t the Tories interested in making life easier on Canadians by offering all Canadians defined benefit plans – and not just their millionaire buddies in the oil patch?

Why are they so enamored with bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator – rather than making life better for everyone?

This convention will finish the Tories.

I didn’t think that they could sink any lower than Bullrooney – but I was wrong.

I’d rather for a donkey than for Harper.

Crusty Curmudgeon

News reporters say the Harper bunch have issued a memo instructing delegates not to talk to the media. Ropes excluding the media are everywhere.

CPC convention workers blocking reporters trying to see what’s happening

Jennifer Ditchburn reports: “Never seen a political convention where reporters can’t walk the plenary floor and talk to delegates about policy.”


Funny no mention of rolling back MP pensions to private sector norms. How about a 7 year retroactive rollback of MP pensions.

Tony, where is the $55 MILLION ? Steve, Where is the missing $3.3 BILLION ?

Damn right

most folks that can add….can tell you that public sector unions are …a bucket behind out row boat….of Canda’s govt expenses.

With the gold plated salary and benifits while ‘on the job’..minus those entitleed days off and sick days….

….to fall into the ‘retirement’ phase….and your cheques keep going up with inflaton……A­LL PAID FOR BY TAX PAYERS

Time to reel these parasites in

Rather than fight for the same benefits for himself and others; people like redrider hee works hard to keep others down; because why should anyone be doing well if it isn’t him, right?

“This is exactly our position going into the next round of bargaining. For too long, there has been this major gap in wages and benefits between the public and the private sector, where the public sector is considerably more than the private sector norms. This is not sustainable, it’s not right, it’s not conservative and it’s not in the public interest,” Mr. Clement said to cheers from the convention Saturday, urging delegates to back the motion, which they did.

As per usual; The Tories continue to lead the race to the bottom; where if you aren’t the CEO or on the Board then your pay should always be lower, lower lower lower…