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Review: Two-Fer Wednesday Mass Assassin Effect Creed palooza

I’m not even going to bust out the hReview format one this one.

I didn’t finish Mass Effect or Assassin’s Creed.  I coulnd’t get into them.  More correctly, I DID get into Mass Effect, but couldn’t mustre the interest to see it through.  Assassin’s Creed had that sci-fi wrapper that just turned me off and made me scream at it to just get to the Killin’.

Mass Effect was a  good game, I just didn’t care how it came out.  The vehicle parts really ruined it for me though, please release a patch to skip those please.

In the end here are my thoughts:

Avoid Assassin’s Creed, it’s not enough fun to justify the cost.

Mass Effect is good, but the main plot isn’t all that compelling.