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Kicked in the butt by Bran

MMMMmm a blog entry about scatology, how appatizing on a Wednesday morning!

Anyway, the real topic of this post is not all things crap related, but it is somewhat crappy in nature.

I’ve been here in the United States for over two years now. Freaky. It’s been two years since I actually lived in a proper country, with real values and an actual social system. The system of government here is laughable and the people themselves, the majority it seems, are so self-involved they may never actually stop this non-stop downward spiral. Look, I enjoy money and spending more than most, I’m sure. However, I’m more than happy to pay my share in taxes and user fees to keep my life comfortable, however, after long debates both live and on the net I have to imagine that Many americans want eveything that the Government provides to somehow be free. As if the people behind it don’t need to be paid. These same people applaud when the government allows a service to be privatized, which inevitably drives up the cost of running said service, and therefore even more money comes out of their own pocket, then they complain. They want user fees, but complain when a politician wants a gas tax to pay for road upkeep, etc. These people are insane, with few exceptions.

There is no middle of the road here.

There is no real centerist movement.

There is only kind left or kinda right and really left or really right.

The really left are instane.

The really right want to eat your baby.

scary stuff, no?

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