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Review: Crossed Seven, the Crossed love Musicals and Murder


Horsecock and crew return and while singing about how much they love rape, Ennis and Burrows take the Crossed to a whole new level of “Rob zombie villain” because really, that is all the Crossed appear to be now.  “The Firefly Family” as a communicable disease.   The Manson Malaise if you will.

Our Band of survivors continue on their way, running from Equine Penis and his band of Rapist Meth-Heads, who stopped for a bite to eat along the way.


Yeah, we know they are cannibals and all, but look how happy this guy is, you might call him a Happy Meal, if you were into puns.  I’m not, but that is one gleeful dinner right there.

The Survivors don’t get far enough away and are forced to take matters in hand:


Like many of these stories, showing up after the party with guns doesn’t really go their way.  I’ll leave it to you to read the issue and find out why.

Crossed continues to be the Gross Out Apocalypse that it promised to be but the long lag between issues almost led to me missing this one.  I may even give up on it until a Trade appears, because it IS entertaining and compelling, but hard to keep an eye on.  Burrows and Ennis continue to deliver a horrifying world, much worse than say “the Walking Dead” without the need to kill off the major cast (I know its only seven issues in, but with the lag, its on par with the Walking Dead in terms of distance of time between tradgedies)

It’s sparse and horrible, when does issue 8 come out?