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I didn’t expect this in the mail today

Writer's Block? Let me have that

Writer’s Block? Let me have that, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Spencer tries to help out when I’m stuck for ideas, he’s just a kitten so you can’t really blame him for constantly suggesting that I write about that stuff in the sunbeams and the interesting way the birds move. Not that those aren’t important subjects, it’s just that I don’t find to much human appeal in writing about being scratched on the ears and eating kibble. I may be wrong, but I’ll keep to large hominid style writing for now Spencer.

A New Cat

Well, it finally happened, we got a cat.

Elizabeth and Jenny have been pushing for a furry pet (beyond the Hamster, which is a better pet than the cat anyway) and finally got their way by means of a pair of Kittens (Lena and Nimrod, renamed Milkshake and Nemo). Long story short, the second cat (Nemo) was far too wild for this household and had to go, Milkshake respects my boundaries and stays out/off of my stuff, which is all I could ask for.

Anyways, let me introduce Milkshake, the newest member of the family.

The Cat in Question: Milkshake