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Color Correction is your Friend

Color Correct Kevin CompareColor Correct Kevin

I’ve posted these two images to illustrate a point. With access to some post-processing tools (Photoshop, Photoshop Essentials and even Picassa) we an “fix” the little inadequacies of the original images. In this case contrast, sharpness and color issues.

This article is not the one I was looking for on this matter, but it covers the same ground.

You can achieve the same basic fixes in Picassa using the image correction tools therein. Shadows and Sharpen for the most part, with some color correction too. It can make all the difference in an image.

(If you are interested, I was illustrating how bad the countryside smelled, I was ill on the way up to Kincardine last week due to the smell of the poultry farms)

EDIT: Removed Ava Knight’s Pictures