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When you sleep next to an open window

After spending the last few hours of consciousness available to me watching “Survival of the Dead” and drifting off into sleep I dreamed myself away.

1. I dreamed that I had wronged the less than tall warrior leader of an Asian country, so much so that I was marked for death by means of process served papers.

2. I dreamed myself into a forest that had reclining leather seats and warm couches to sleep on; to escape said death warrant.

3. I dreamed that the forest had a remote control fireplace that could be switched from blowing frigid cold to comfortable warmth.

What was I really thinking about when I was dreaming about these things?

1. I’m always in fear that I can’t pay the bills.

2. We have no furniture to speak of; yes a love seat and easy chair, but really our only other “furniture” is our dining set and beds.

3. I sleep next to our heating vents and open windows; no doubt this influenced my dreams last night.

This morning I woke up wondering if bets made under the light of comets that come true should lead to life long bonds or long-term estrangement, because the latter appears to be true.

Where are you now?