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Where is my Windows 7 upgrade disk Dell?

Update: The very next day I received my disc via an overnight courier:

Windows7DiskDeliveryThe shipping date shows it being shipped 2 days after I received it.    Obviously a broken system.  I have it installed now, I’ll probably post about it here and there over at my twitter stream, watch for more there.

Whereis My Windows 7?Where the hell is Windows 7 disk?  It’s been a few days and the damn screen hasn’t even lit up with; we’re sorry that we can’t achieve something we’ve had months to plan for and a supply chain so long you can’t see the end of it from mars.  I’d imagine that if I was a computer company that was selling the fact that we were going to upgrade everyone who bought a new PC in X amount of time would have an upgrade disk ordered and packaged for each one, even if it wasn’t requested.  I guess that Dell didn’t do that.  They instead used the Just in Time method.  In case people didn’t want to upgrade, because they were deliriously happy with VIST-…oh hell, what does UAC want now?  A.

From all reports, Windows 7 is a big step up and I am really looking forward to putting it to the test here.  I just wish Dell would ship it out or at least acknowledge that I have it ordered.