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David Vitter Wants to Destroy Canadian Health Care

Vitter was asked at a town hall meeting about the fact that he opposes government health care, but supports re-importing prescription drugs from, as a constituent said, “countries that have socialized medicine.” Vitter has campaigned in the past on re-importing drugs from Canada.

My ultimate goal,” Vitter explained, “is to use that (re-importation) to cause that (pricing) system to collapse.

Dear Ms Mathyssen,

Congratulations on your election last fall, I am very glad that you were elected in my riding as your responses to my questions of last summer were very persuasive and matched my own values and goals well.

As I’m sure you are aware, politics to the south of us often dominate our news cycle; often to the detriment to coverage of local and national Canadian politics.  The healthcare debate south of the border is of particular interest (having lived in the US for a number of years on a work visa, I have a strong appreciation of our local system).  However, this video ( shows a Senator from the US discussing attempting to damage the Canadian Health Care system directly.  I feel very strongly that this demands and apology from the senator and would hope that the Prime Minister could be motivated to request an official apology from the Senator.  This is a serious affront to relations between our two nations and was not said in jest or to make a point, Sen. Vitter is making a direct threat to Canada’s sovereignty and this should be redressed.

Again, I thank you for your service on behalf of London-Fanshawe and Canada as a whole and wish you the very best of days forthcoming.