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Sometimes it’s exactly what you think

Investigators were shocked at the sheer number of skulls found in the house of 58-year-old Dallas resident, Henry Waltham. A prominent voice in the online Q movement, Mr. Waltham had been a vocal supporter of the notion that “Democrats” were abducting Children for use in occult practices.

He had escaped notice for years, living alone in a large house in a tawny subdivision. He was finally discovered by a lawn maintenance crew that had mistakenly begun work in his back yard instead of a neighbor and happened to look in the window depicted in this artist concept image.

Merced Ruis was doing a quick circle of the yard checking for things in the grass when he noticed the unusual shapes in the window, looking closer he couldn’t miss the skulls in the darkened room, nor the photos of missing people on every wall. He stepped away from the window and called over his co-workers who all agreed that the room was very disturbing.

It was less than 24 hours later that police investigators opened the hidden door that led to the room and were met with the evidence that Henry “Hank” Waltham, far from being a “God-Fearing Christian” was in fact a deeply evil, child killing “Necromancer” who had been hiding among the members of Q online for years now.

The Local GOP also disavowed him, despite him being the precinct captain for 30 years.