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Tag: garbage

Hey Joe! What you doin' with my garbage?

I forgot what day it was last night, and put my garbage out on the curb.  My big, 2 weeks old garbage bag.  Full of chicken.

Get the picture?

Be glad I didn’t take one, it was a disaster.

What is it about garbage that attracts the animals?  Is it the rotting meat?  Ewww!

Jen ended up having to re-bag a bunch of garbage, fighting clouds of flies and beating a raccoon to death no doubt, since I was at work already.

I’m firmly in the “I wish we had bag tags so that I could put out extra garbage” camp.  I still don’t have recycling containers and so have tons of garbage that needs to be dealt with and last week I ended up having to store garbage in the garage as we had too many bags out.  If I could have paid to put out more bags, I would have.

Anyone in the London area know where I can buy recycling containers?

NiteMayr’s helpful advice on raccoon fighting:

Raccoon combat is never pretty, it always seems to involve low blows and insults about one’s mother. I will usually just toss some cat food off to the side and insult their love of “pussy food”.  Yes, it’s a low blow, but it puts them off-balance for the final “yo mama’s so furry that she has an entire page on Encyclopedia Dramatica” which sends them into a shame spiral.  It’s troubling that even racoons are familiar with ED, but that’s the viral nature of the ‘net for you!

–Nitemayr “Raccoon Combat”