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Nosebleeds I have had

What a Five Head

Growing up, it was my little sister who bled all the time.  Her nose was like a Blood Pez Dispenser, dropping it’s wares all over the acres of the world at a moments notice with no warning or rhyme to why it was doing so.  She wasn’t a nose picker (That was Me).  I never got nose bleeds growing up, so whenever my nose would bleed it was an “event” for me.  If only for the copious amounts of blood that would come from a relativley minor injury and in some cases from a mystery source (up my nose).

The first nosebleed I can clearly recall was given to me by one Raplph Grass, who punched me in the face during a shoving match at the beach.  Dude was bigger than me, no joke and for the life of me he didn’t chase me off.  I stood up to him and took my bloody nose like a small boy with a bloody nose who then went on to get serious sunstroke from being out in the summer sun for about 12 hours that day.  So, Ralph Grass, thank-you for my first memorable nosebleed.

The next nosebleed I remember “for sure” was from Monique Duguay, who smacked me in the face with a snowball.  It didn’t bleed much, but I remember to never again confess to anyone how much I admired her, as she was clearly a bitch.  I don’t think that anymore, but for a while there, I was inconsolable on the matter.

After that it was a couple of years before anyone smacked me in the face hard enough to cause bleeding, in fact someone hit me SO HARD that I blacked out.  He was twice my weight and goaded me into a fight, where he walloped me in the face and made me lose my mind.  Oh well, I changed buses after that.  I really forget his name, his surname was “White” he was a teacher’s kid and we all called him Winston.  He was a big fat bully, simple as that.

Gillian bromfield punched me in the nose around the same time, when a cancer survivor is smacking you in the nose, you’re being an asshole.  Right?

I think I’ve had a couple mystery bleeds along the way since then, but nothing to write home about (or even a blog post about).  This last one over the weekend was a strange one because it bled like crazy for ages.  I ended up with a tissue up my nose for about 30 minutes catching the dregs of it.  It wasn’t volume, you understand, just persistence.

How about you?  Any memorable Nosebleeds?