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America is the source of its own troubles

It’s far past time that North America looked at itself and said “why have there been more civilian shootings here than in Europe”

If we believe the news out of Europe it’s crawling with insane Jihadists with bombs, knives and guns who are killing with impunity.  The UK is a desolate wasteland full of bullet-holes and France was burned to give glory to Allah.

That’s what we’re being told.  So North Americas gun issues are like nothing compared to the savage times in the Old World.

But that’s not true, is it?

The Guns come from the ‘States and spread out, like a pandemic.  They are everywhere, and always nearby.  Like Spiders or Rats, infesting the Western World, a social disease that gives only the infected any pleasure and makes the rest of the world walk on eggshells, less they get shot by an open carrier of the condition.

Europe is less than 2000 miles from war-zones, but doesn’t find itself dealing with nigh weekly mass shootings.  What excuse does North America have?

Authorities were trying to determine Friday how an 8-year-old boy obtained a loaded handgun that was found in his backpack by school police after he made threats toward a classmate.

The third-grader at Sharp-Leadenhall Elementary School, a small Baltimore City school for special-needs children, was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged as a juvenile with handgun possession. School officials said the boy was “acting suspiciously” and staff began closely monitoring his behavior, which led to a search of his backpack and the discovery of a .380-caliber handgun.


When you play with guns

Again, not part of a well-regulated militia
Meleanie Hain, the pistol-carrying Lebanon mom who received national attention for taking a loaded gun to her daughter’s soccer game, was shot to death Wednesday night with her husband in an apparent murder-suicide, police said.
Meleanie Hain was thrust into the national spotlight when she took a gun, in plain view and holstered on her hip, to a soccer game Sept. 11, 2008, at Optimist Park in Lebanon.

She was a gun nut and reaped what was sown, a love of violence and death led to well, violence and death. It’s not the fate of every gun toting person, not even the majority.

However; she souoght to bring chaos and danger to a public gathering of children as an indirect consequence faced a down the very item she sought protection with.

I’m not going hunting for it, but doesn’t the statistical likelihood of a family member being shot got up when you have a gun in your house?

I accept that guns are fun to shoot and somewhat necessary for protection, but if the gun makers were not so prolific and guns were not so readily available
would it remain so necessary to have guns in the home?

Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, one reaps what one sows and a bullet is what she caught.