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The Return of Joe Fixit

In “New” Hulk #7, the Wendigo who are looking for the Red Hulk end up in Vegas where Bruce Banner unleashes the beast all over them, this beast:

Joe Fixit Returns

Issue Seven is split between the “Banner” Hulk and the Red Hulk backup story.  The Backup story revolves around She-Hulk getting together a All Girl Hulkbusters group to take on the Red Hulk.  It reads like an old “funny” She Hulk story, which is okay, but really, “She Hulk” is funny enough without being constant comic relief.

I am the Red Hulk

Okay, I admit it; I am the Red Hulk!
I have been the Red Hulk for only a short while though! I’m still getting used to the Transformations and Red Eyes thing; when I get some Gamma Strength Visene I should be fine!

Have you been following the new Hulk Story? First he was “The Worldbreaker” then “The Warbound” now there is a new Hulk (who is apparently evil and angry) rolling around killing off Hulk’s enemies (and making Rick Jones into A-Bomb (a new Abomination).

The Red Hulk reads like an Evil Mr. Fixit or “All together Hulk” from the Pantheon story lines.

World War Hulk was a fair capper to the Civil War story that was “kind of Excellent” and “kind of Pointless”. But since Marvel hasn’t already retconned said “it was all a dream, lol” the whole thing yet; I think we can assume that at some point in the near future we will find out that Iron Man/Captain America was a Skrull the whole time and that we’re close to a big reveal.

At least it was more satisfying than the end of “Final Crisis” what a hullabaloo to kill off a bunch of Off-Earth second-string Characters. Even Darkseid was kind of a “far off menace” monster.

So, yeah, Red Hulk. IYAMREDHULK!

no I’m not, seriously