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Handwritten Journal Posts

Here are some random thoughts from my journal:

My Writing is terrible in this thing.


New Phase, New Day

What paltry and sublte freedoms. Subtle nuances. It’s a short short shrift. This small and turgid pool, this feteid debate. This debacle. Come born fully formed and well, well retarded no more. The win will even hold this one.

“till I hear it put to me that way, I was unsure f what warbling was. It was never a sound of much consequence then.

Now it is the pressent but only the apparition of the new. The Past is the past of all your tommorows and the past is just taking you and will have you when you are dead.


Faking an ugly death and then being you, you gotta go.

This is the state of political discource; to wit: yell yell yell, snarl snarl snarl, scream scream scream!

The young couple in the seat ahead of me are in dire need of a room, fast. This is a bus kids, keep your fumbling to your bedrooms, thanks kids.

I wonder if these kids know that this screaming baby, that is on this bus, is the actual direct result of where they are headed now? I mean, the boy is a dirtbag and the girl just seems to want his approval. Oh, they have left he bus.

For it rips the seal, keep it in your pants kids.

NOTE: This is as incoherant as it sounds, right?