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Comics and Politics: Lois Lane Probably Voted for Luthor

If you are a fan of politics, you’ve probably come across some of the discussions regarding the phenomena of people voting against their interests, going so far as to vote for someone who would damage their standing in the community or their livelihood in order to placate some belief that they have held since they were a child.

Nuances of stance and benefit appear to be lost on some folks who will vote for some political ideology regardless of the outcome.  Lois Lane, a military brat and wife of the world’s most famous republican probably voted for Lex Luthor (even though he has sworn Blood Death oaths on her Husband, simply because of his stance on military funding (which Luthor Industries Benefits from) and lax taxes (natch).

Lois Lane Voted for Luthor

I wonder if Superman Voted Luthor too?

All of that aside, the idea of politics in comics being more than just Hawkman and Green Arrow calling each other names isn’t exactly new, but DC has bright it front and center with “DC Universe: Decisions” which is kind of poorly timed amongst all of the other DC crossovers going on right now.  It’s not even kinda smart, it’s just Democrats and Republicans… D’oh.

I’m not really interested in a Political Drama that involves Green Arrow and Batman, because, in the end, it ascribes Real World beliefs onto characters that may not have Universal Appeal, they are somewhat apolitical, allowing the readers to place whatever labels on them that they want.

Just like the real world, I want my heroes to have secret ballots in the end.

It looks like Judd Winnick and Bill Willingham are going to take that from us.

Fuck. That.