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An old Post on Slashdot

This made me smile when I read it again today, so I’ll post it again, but here:

Sheesh, It’s not the lack of outlets, it’s the lack of variety. Of course they are entitled to it, they are not guarenteed it, you dolt. You are entitled to eventualy own a car and a house, but if you don’t leave your house and get a job or you know, inherit, they you won’t get one. I’m not asking for the entertainment fairy to visit each and every community in the US of A, but I am asking the Government to prevent any one body, who is not a licensed broadcaster, from buying X percentage of airtime on a given outlet. (Ryan Seacrest can only go so many places at once sigh

Licensed broadcasters can make said decisions, but it seems to me that the content of said ads should conform to advertising rules.

Now you’re thinking, but what about all of those infomercials, fatty? Yeah, you got me. I’m not sure what to say about that. Except, I’m glad to be Canadian, where we have Canadian content rules that guarentee me some form of Candian Entertainment each hour. Yay Canada!

As it happens, you do seem to want to regulate what people hear ayway, or at least your FCC does.

Given the text of the article, it seems possible that a given concern, say, I dunno, maybe Maggie Thatcher got herself the three dollars it costs to buy 24 hours of air time in Barrow. Stick with me here this gets good. Then, those guys who are forced, through lack of bandwidth/cash to listen to the radio for entertainment (the fricking horror) and they are then subsequently forced to listen to the same bilious mouth that spawned your intellect. You can see where things would rapidly go downhill for good old Barrow. I mean imagine it:

“is that stupid c*#t still on the air?”
“yeah, but she paid for it so it is oh kay”
“Wanna go amuse ourselves with the locals again?”

Yes, they do in fact fail to capitalize their sentences, true.

You can see the potential problems for poor old Barrow now, huh? No? You live in Barow you say? No wonder the moose look worried (I’ve seen the Moose out there, take that as a compliment)

(Hey, I’m not looking to raise the level of debate. I just wanna bring it down to a size small enough that I can drag it into the toilet and give it a swirly)

And if you have read this far and didn’t at least smile, I failed and concede defeat…ah me