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Look at all that meat, Ain't She a beauty?

I was away up North East of here in Sutton, Ontario.  Sutton is a small cottage-y town with a all the amenities of a normal sized town plus the benefits of being a Cottage Town.  Idyllic location, easy-goign residents and easy access to a lake.  Awesome.
Anit and Alex threw this Party (Meat Fest) in their Yard, we pitched tents tossed a few drinks and had a great time.  Not to mention the fine Barbecue by the boys at Smoked Meets, check them out when they compete around Ontario and the US,right?   Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend.  It was a three day party, but I only took about 20 pictures.
Meat Fest 2009 - Smoked Meets BBQ Team!
Smoked Meets : 6 Barbecues running for about 24 hours
Meat Fest 2009
Chris and Rosie "Hey, How YOU Doin'?"
Meat Fest 2009
Jeremy make Gayle Laugh while AnitaHides and Paul Plays On
Meat Fest 2009
" I swear Adria said it was THIS big" Shawn and Alex Chat
Meat Fest 2009 - What are you measuring Adria?
Not Enough?
Meat Fest 2009
I only know (for sure) Dee and Adria, you other two will have to comment

This is of concern to me and to you

Given the length of this one I am going to bury this under a “read more” link

Some of you are familiar with my photography habit and some of you are not, but this kind of blind “anti-terrorism” should seethe anyone.

A short anecdote”

I spent about 18 months terrorizing Eugene with my camera, sometimes with Jen sometimes with Elizabeth sometimes with both but never alone. I figured that no one would hassle a family guy. I was never hassled. Once an overweight woman put an end to my photography of a fun kickball game by making the participants stop when she saw me taking photos. Fair enough, she got her photograph on the web and I called attention t her “photo-blocking”

But I’ve never been stopped by someone in any kind of official capacity (even when I took photos of a crash scene).