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San Francisco Trip: Day three


I’m back in Oregon and since I was so late coming in, I decided to wait until today to post my last blog entry about my Trip to SanFran.  Our flight was delayed until 9:30 or so and we sat on the tarmac for 10-20 mins before we started off.  so I didn’t get home until around 11:20 or so.

I digress though.

After I blogged about my birthday I went back out into the San Francisco night and tried to have a good time on my own, or at least without people I knew.  This was pretty much the worst idea possible; I’m friendly enough but when I don’t have a wingperson I am also pretty much shy. I found a friendly bar and had a couple beers; but ended up headiung back to the hotel.  Ah me.

When I woke up in the morning I had slept in about 10 minutes.  So I had to rush through my morning routine AND get packed; in 10 – 20 minutes.  When I was finished in the shower, however, I got a text message from Curtis saying he was running late. Whoop!  I had time to dress and pack without worrying.

After packing and checking out, we hit the breakfast bar and had the “All American” [eggs, toast, hash browns and meat] it was great.  I had ordered “fried tomatoes” the day before, but they messed with them, so no tomatoes today.
Water!!!The Breakfast was good, but the waitperson was terrible, she kept yelling at the other staff.  I left her a 2 dollar tip (the bare minimum).

I took a few pictures in the hotel; the fountain from the atrium; the bust at the top of the stairs into the Atrium, the elevtators [showing that you cannot see the elevators I had to ride in], the water art in the lobby and the mothership [chandelier] in the main lobby.

Check them out bellow:
Nice Bust

I looked back over my shoulder and saw this view of Saint Patricks and took at shot:
Oh Ave Maria
The walk through the Garden was nice. I swear there were Little ASian Grandmas walking at exact 10 foot intervals through the entire area though; and little crowds of them all over the place.  We were walking into an area that was built up around some form of art center; whose name escapes me.
Manual Art

I’ll update this post later when I am more rested.. stay tuned!