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Will Smith Opens Scientology School | Chanology News

“New Village Academy will lead the world in identifying innovative learning styles, educational best practices and the ingredients for enduring prosperity.” This quote is from the Vision Statement of the new school being funded and founded by Will Smith. Some of the “innovative learning styles” are Montessori, the Constructivist Model, and L. Ron Hubbard Study Tech, among others.

I guess we can add Will Smith to the not-so-secret Scientologist and no cash from Kevin list.

When Scientology stops taking cash for it’s “secrets” I’ll stop hating it. I’ve worked with Scientologists and seen behind the curtain there. There is no “There” There. Just paranoia and self-sustaining self-delusion.

Poor Will, his career was doing well, why did he feel the need to drink the Kool-aid?

Didn’t he see this?