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So Where is that Server Located Anyway

A new databse tool has come into play, and some aspects of net access to our sites have become slow. Naturally the new web based tool is blamed. For S & Gs I propose that the new tool is in fact the cause, leading to the usual scoffing fro Mr. J

Jared: siebel is hosted here!
Kevin: I’m just saying, what if they have managed to do this?
Jared: So, what your saying is everyone is insane then?
Kevin: Yes, that is what I am saying, everyone is insane.
Kevin (Thinks about it a bit) : What do I get if I am right, a cookie?
Jared: Yes you get a cookie.
Kevin (quick traceroute later): Second hop, hosted in Cupertino (far away).
Jared: You get your cookie.