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Setting up SMS SMTP 5.X and a Mail Server on CentOS 5

I apologize the the lack of detail in the post, I created it to prompt myself along when I performed installs at future dates, but never got around to filling it out.

  1. Perform a custom server only install of CentOS
  2. Do not install Mysql, dovecot or any other mail related software
  3. Install Sendmail via yum.
  4. Install Legacy software development, install Legacy software support. Install the basic development tools
  5. Once the install is complete; update and reboot
  6. Configure the users that SMS SMTP wants (create the users manually establishing their group memberships ahead of time)
  7. Install SMS SMTP using the smssmtp install binary and NOT “installer”
  8. Perform a typical install
  9. Reboot
  10. license and configure SMS SMTP to deliver local mail to port 25
  11. Download and compile sendmail, install using Build install, this will overwrite the sendmail “fake” that SMSSMTP put into place.
  12. Modify the sendmail configuration to accept mail for your domain
  13. use chkconfig to configure sendmail to start at level 3
  14. reboot
  15. install dovecot, allow it to install mysql
  16. reboot
  17. You may have to configure dovecot to use Maildir correctly
  18. Done.